CanROC Summit 2021

CanROC Summit 2021 workshops schedule released

From Aug. 13 to Aug. 15, we invite you to attend online workshops hosted by fellow workers all over Canada:


  • Organising Non-Unionised Teachers
    hosted by FW Spencer
    Friday Aug. 13, 17:30 est
  • Q&A with CanROC Officers and Representatives,
    Friday Aug. 13, 19:30 est


  • Health & Safety: 3 Rights For Workers
    hosted by FW Frank from Windsor, On.
    Saturday Aug. 14, 11:00 est
  • Survivor Centered Complaints
    hosted by FW Anne from Windsor, On.
    Saturday, Aug. 14, 13:00 est.
  • The Organising Department Board: EXPLAINED
    hosted by members of the ODB
    Saturday, Aug. 14, 15:00 est.
  • Special Laws and Essential Workers in Our Times
    hosted by FW Martin Trac of Montréal
    Saturday, Aug 14, 17:30 est.
  • Screening of Salt of The Earth (1954)
    hosted by FW Ashton from Ottawa-Outaouais
    Saturday, Aug. 14, 19:30 est.


  • Environmental Unionism
    hosted by FW Frank and Kristen from Windsor
    Sunday, Aug. 15.  13:00 est
  • Gender Equity Committee 101
    hosted by FW Anne of Windsor
    Sunday, Aug. 15. 15:00 est
  • Reclaim Your Pay, Freelancer’s Edition
    hosted by FW Andreas of Montréal
    Sunday Aug 15, 17:30

CanROC Summit 2021

Class against Class
from Coast to Coast

Online Workshops on Aug. 13, 14 and 15

The annual CanROC Summit is coming up!

Starting on Friday, Aug. 13, we will host presentations, workshops and discussions related to IWW organising in Canada.

If you or your Branch would be interested in participating by hosting a presentation, please fill out this form.


The schedule isn’t set in stone just yet, but so far we have on our line up presentations from the Communications Department, the Organising Department and off course by your CanROC officers.

SAVE THE DATE Fri. Aug. 13, Sat. Aug 14 and Sun. Aug 15!