2020 CanROC Referendum

This November you can vote in the 2020 referendum for
the Canadian Regional Organizing Committee of the
IWW. The voting period is November 7 – December 7.

CanROC members must be in good standing through August 2020 in order to vote in the CanROC referendum.

Branches need to submit their delegate reports, new member forms, and up-to-date e-mail lists to the regional secretary at as soon as possible so that the database can be updated and the e-mail list of FWs who will still receive a ballot can be amended.


Covid-19 Dues Waiver Fall Extension

By the order of the Canadian Regional Organizing Committee, members in good standing through August 2020, including anyone who requested previous due waivers in 2020, can request a dues waiver for September and October. If a wobbly has already paid dues for September-October, they can request either a refund or a waiver for November-December.

For more information or questions regarding this motion, get in touch with your CanROC branch representative, your local delegate, or the CanROC officers.


CanROC Summit Registration Extended

The 2020 CanROC Summit Online is only a few days away.  However, you still have time to register for the 2020 CanROC Summit Online. The registration deadline has been extended until tomorrow night, Wednesday, July 8, at midnight. The link to the registration form is here.

***Workshop presenters, please complete the registration form as well.***  

Just in case you haven’t seen the CanROC Summit Online schedule yet, you can access it here.

After the registration period ends on Wednesday night, the organizing committee will put an e-mail list of participants together and send a message to them on Thursday with the meeting room access link and password.  

***If you have registered for the Summit, but you don’t receive a message with the meeting room access link and password, please e-mail and we will send you them as soon as we can.***


CanROC Summit Registration

The 2020 CanROC Summit Online is fast approaching.  The workshops begin next Friday night, July 10, and will run through Monday night, July 13.  As part of the summit we will also be screening the documentary, There’s Something In The Water, on Saturday night, July 11, at 9pm eastern. You can see the full Summit Online schedule here or on the website.

To register for the CanROC Summit Online workshops, you simply need to complete this registration form by Monday, July 6.  

If you have any questions about the registration process, the workshops, or anything else, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the RS.

Solidarity forever!


Covid-19 Dues Waiver Extension

This motion was passed unanimously during the June CanROC Meeting on June 15.

By order of the Canadian Regional Organizing Committee, members in good standing through April 2020, including anyone who requested the previous dues waiver, can request a dues waiver for May, June, July, and August. If a wobbly has already paid dues for May, they can request either a refund or a waiver for June – August 2020.

For more information or questions regarding this motion, get in touch with your CanROC branch representative, your local delegate, or the CanROC officers.


Covid-19 Dues Waiver

First and foremost, we, the CanROC officers send our solidarity to all fellow workers and to members of the working class across occupied Canada who are suffering under the pain of both the coronavirus and capitalism.

In order to respond to the needs of our FWs, CanROC branch delegates have adopted a motion that offers Wobblies in good standing through February 2020 the option of waiving their dues for March and April. If a fellow worker in good standing has already paid their dues for March, then they have the option of waiving their dues for April and May.   

Here is the text of the motion:

WHEREAS COVID-19 has caused school closures, layoffs, cutbacks, and other events which will financially burden some Canadian Regional Organizing Committee (CanROC) members due to loss of paychecks, childcare costs, healthcare costs, and other unforeseen expenses,

WHEREAS these financial burdens fall heaviest on members whose jobs are the most precarious and whose livelihoods are most in danger,

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that CanROC shall allow delegates to provide an option for members in good standing through February 2020 who are temporarily unemployed or experiencing economic hardships due to COVID-19 to have their dues waived for March and April 2020,

AND BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that members who ask for a dues waiver but who have already paid dues for March may request either a refund or a waiver for April and May 2020,

AND BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED that the regional secretary shall send an email to all current members alerting them of the options available to them due to this motion, and a separate email to all CanROC branches and their active delegates instructing them to submit a report for members opting to take the waiver.

The regional secretary will be contacting branch delegates and secretaries as soon as possible concerning the steps to implement the motion. In the meantime, if you have questions, don’t hesitate to email the RS directly at

Solidarity Statement

Solidarity with Wet‘suwet‘en Land Defenders

Members of the Industrial Workers of the World across Turtle Island, within and outside of so-called Canada extend our admiration and solidarity to the Wet’suwet’en land defenders struggling for the protection of their traditional territories and for the recognition of their land rights and sovereignty. After a decade of peaceful resistance to the construction of a natural gas pipeline through their traditional lands, Wet’suwet’en land defenders at Unist’ot’en camp were subject to armed aggression and violence last month as they were removed from their lands by RCMP agents. These invasions by the Canadian state contravene international law, UNDRIP, and Canada’s own Supreme Court precedents.

The SITT-IWW is heartened by the success of solidarity actions in recent months which strike at the heart of the state’s economic engine.  While mainstream media and public narratives surrounding these protests and blockades display the reactionary values and racism at the core of so-called Canadian society, the creative and committed direct actions underway across the continent should inspire our membership and working people the world over. It is with great enthusiasm that the SITT-IWW declares its support for the land defenders and working class people across Turtle Island who are engaging in direct action and legal battles against colonial machinations.

The extraction and accumulation of capital across Turtle Island and worldwide is founded on and accomplished by the violent colonialist dispossession and repression of Indigenous peoples. As the climate crisis escalates and further destabilizes the working class, human survival increasingly depends on policies and actions made today with respect to land and water. Until the RCMP withdraws from Wet’suwet’en lands (to which Canada has no legal claim), direct action against the state’s economic infrastructure is vital. The  SITT-IWW thanks and supports the Wet’suwet’en land defenders and solidarity blockaders and condemns the colonial violence perpetrated by the Canadian and British Columbian governments, the RCMP and CGL.

An injury to one is an injury to all. 


Hamilton Solidarity Fundraiser

Hamilton Solidarity Fundraiser /
Collecte de fonds de solidarité pour Hamilton

On February 24th 2020 a group of people responded to the displacement, violence and arrests towards Indigenous land defenders by shutting down the Bayview rail Junction in Hamilton, ON. The Bayview Junction is a narrow bottleneck in the north-west end of Hamilton which carries both the CN and CP mainline. Their action was a response to the arrest of Mohawk people from Tyendinaga, who were blocking a main CN line between Toronto and Montreal in solidarity with the Wet’suwet’en. The Wet’suwet’en have been defending their unceded territory from the Coastal Gas Link project and were recently invaded and removed from their territory by the RCMP.

One day after the blockade ended, Hamilton Police arrested four individuals they allege to be involved with the blockade by attending their homes and workplaces, and finding them in community. They were kept in custody upwards of 30 hours before being released on bail with a condition that inhibits their ability to use social media to promote or support Indigenous rights or land defenders.

Arrestees want folks to know they are holding strong and adapting to their new, unexpected situations. Regardless of whether they were involved or not, they each find importance in these fights and hope people are engaging in this moment however they can. These arrests come as part of an extended wave of repression launched by Hamilton Police towards individuals with “left leaning” politics. After nearly 2 years of ongoing, intense repression, mounting legal fees, and cutbacks to Legal Aid that restrict access to certificates folks could really use your financial support. They also think it’s important for people to know they are settlers and encourage folks to give intentional thought to where their money is going to ensure funds are also reaching Indigenous land defense projects or Indigenous legal funds.

Curious about Legal Costs?
Bail Hearings Have already cost approximately $2500! A single lawyer on a lower pay scale can cost approximately $5000 for work up to a trial (appearances, crown resolution, judicial pre-trial).

Solidarity Statement

Statements of Solidarity for the Strikes in Mexico

Statement in Solidarity with the 20/32 Movement of Matamoros
On January 25th, workers in the maquiladora plants in Matamoros, Mexico began a strike to demand a wage increase of 20% and an annual bonus of 32,000 pesos. Since then, the movement has spread to various industries: self-service shops, mining, Coca Cola factories, metal factories, and others. The workers’ demands are just. We support the movement’s demands and express our sympathy and support with the movement in its struggle to improve living conditions.

Recently, there have been strong confrontations between strikers and scabs at the Coca Cola and Mecalux factories, which unfortunately resulted in 9 injuries. We stand against any type of harassment of repressive end of the conflict, and send our widest support for the situation to be resolved without violence and in favor of the striking workers.

Statement in Solidarity with the SITUAM Strike
In addition, the IWW expresses complete solidarity with the strike of our fellow workers at the Independent Union of the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana (SITUAM). The 20% wage increase for all of the workers, academic as well as administrative, does not put the UAM’s financial viability at risk, nor does it affect the university’s “substantive activities”, as the authorities are saying. On the other hand, the various bonuses and other discretionary funds that these authorities assign to themselves do put the university at risk.

Two months have passed since the struggle for better conditions and labor rights at SITUAM began. The IWW reaffirms our support to improve these working conditions and to stick by the collective contract, as well as the wage increase. We also repudiate the short sightedness of those who maintain control of the university and refuse to renounce their privileges.