Canadian Organizing Bulletin

What is the Canadian Organizing Bulletin?
The COB, also known as One Big Union, comes out a minimum of four times a year. It is the internal newsletter of IWW members in Canada, and an open forum for members to discuss issues of concern to the IWW. It also serves as a window into the work of the Canadian Organizing Committee (CanROC). Through the COB you can follow the actions of the CanROC branch representatives, who make decisions as delegates of their GMBs, and read the quarterly reports of CanROC officers, including our annual financial report. The COB also publishes notices from delegates and branches; news of elections; news and reflections pertaining to the IWW; as well as campaigns and projects across Canada and Quebec. The COB is our medium for union democracy—our way of making sure that all members have access to the information they need to decide IWW policy. The IWW is the only union that we know of to provide such an uncensored forum for its members. So welcome to the COB, and welcome to the community of Wobblies across so-called Canada!

What are the Editorial Policy and Submission Guidelines?
The COB is an internal forum for frank discussion among members and branches. The COB will print all submissions, reserving the right to edit for grammar, punctuation, length and coherence. If substantial changes need to be made, the editor will contact the author with the revised version for approval by a stated deadline. The editor reserves the right to refuse submissions that contain attacks of a personal nature (with the exception that members shall have complete freedom to criticize the conduct of union officials without censorship, subject to the provisions of International union By-Laws Article III, Section 6a), racist, sexist, homophobic, ableist or otherwise discriminatory content.

If you want to submit articles, opinion pieces, reports on actions, introduce yourself as an at-large member, or send us artwork for the cover, please send an email to for more details. We prefer submissions of 500-1000 words and .docx files.

Submission deadlines are March 15 (Jan-Mar), June 15 (Apr-Jun), September 15 (July-Sep), December 15 (Oct-Dec).

How can I get back issues?
If you are a new IWW member in Canada or a member who missed past issues of the COB, please email the editor for a PDF copy of the available editions.

How can I get involved?
We are also always looking for volunteers for our communications committee! If you want to get involved to help with proofreading, translations, or design, please email us!