IWW CANROC Supports Air Canada Workers’ Direct Action

The Industrial Workers of the World Canadian Regional Organizing Committee extends its congratulations and support for the workers who are taking direct action and engaging in spontaneous work stoppages at Air Canada.

Air Canada has shown it does not respect its contract with its workers nor is it meeting its obligations to negotiate contracts in good faith. The federal government has unwisely sided with Air Canada by claiming its operations are an essential service to the Canadian economy and by bringing in back-to-work legislation.

In a situation where workers are denied their right to strike and the government compromises their right to negotiate their working conditions, workers must take action to defend themselves and their families. Laws passed in parliament or any other venue only have meaning for working people if they are founded in justice and fairness. Back-to-work legislation and forcing arbitrated contracts onto workers meets neither criteria.

We demand the government rescind its back-to-work legislation and for Air Canada to return to the bargaining table in good faith. We support the Air Canada workers who are taking the necessary risks to win this fight.

For more information about the IWW in Canada, please visit www.iww.ca.