Statements of Solidarity for the Strikes in Mexico

Statement in Solidarity with the 20/32 Movement of Matamoros

On January 25th, workers in the maquiladora plants in Matamoros, Mexico began a strike to demand a wage increase of 20% and an annual bonus of 32,000 pesos. Since then, the movement has spread to various industries: self-service shops, mining, Coca Cola factories, metal factories, and others. The workers’ demands are just. We support the movement’s demands and express our sympathy and support with the movement in its struggle to improve living conditions.

Recently, there have been strong confrontations between strikers and scabs at the Coca Cola and Mecalux factories, which unfortunately resulted in 9 injuries. We stand against any type of harassment of repressive end of the conflict, and send our widest support for the situation to be resolved without violence and in favor of the striking workers.

Statement in Solidarity with the SITUAM Strike

In addition, the IWW expresses complete solidarity with the strike of our fellow workers at the Independent Union of the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana (SITUAM). The 20% wage increase for all of the workers, academic as well as administrative, does not put the UAM’s financial viability at risk, nor does it affect the university’s “substantive activities”, as the authorities are saying. On the other hand, the various bonuses and other discretionary funds that these authorities assign to themselves do put the university at risk.

Two months have passed since the struggle for better conditions and labor rights at SITUAM began. The IWW reaffirms our support to improve these working conditions and to stick by the collective contract, as well as the wage increase. We also repudiate the short sightedness of those who maintain control of the university and refuse to renounce their privileges.