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On February 24th 2020 a group of people responded to the displacement, violence and arrests towards Indigenous land defenders by shutting down the Bayview rail Junction in Hamilton, ON.

The Bayview Junction is a narrow bottleneck in the north-west end of Hamilton which carries both the CN and CP mainline. Their action was a response to the arrest of Mohawk people from Tyendinaga, who were blocking a main CN line between Toronto and Montreal in solidarity with the Wet’suwet’en. The Wet’suwet’en have been defending their unceded territory from the Coastal Gas Link project and were recently invaded and removed from their territory by the RCMP.

One day after the blockade ended, Hamilton Police arrested four individuals they allege to be involved with the blockade by attending their homes and workplaces, and finding them in community. They were kept in custody upwards of 30 hours before being released on bail with a condition that inhibits their ability to use social media to promote or support Indigenous rights or land defenders.

Arrestees want folks to know they are holding strong and adapting to their new, unexpected situations. Regardless of whether they were involved or not, they each find importance in these fights and hope people are engaging in this moment however they can. These arrests come as part of an extended wave of repression launched by Hamilton Police towards individuals with “left leaning” politics. After nearly 2 years of ongoing, intense repression, mounting legal fees, and cutbacks to Legal Aid that restrict access to certificates folks could really use your financial support. They also think it’s important for people to know they are settlers and encourage folks to give intentional thought to where their money is going to ensure funds are also reaching Indigenous land defense projects or Indigenous legal funds.

Curious about Legal Costs?
Bail Hearings Have already cost approximately $2500! A single lawyer on a lower pay scale can cost approximately $5000 for work up to a trial (appearances, crown resolution, judicial pre-trial).