Covid-19 Dues Waiver

First and foremost, we, the CanROC officers send our solidarity to all fellow workers and to members of the working class across occupied Canada who are suffering under the pain of both the coronavirus and capitalism.

In order to respond to the needs of our FWs, CanROC branch delegates have adopted a motion that offers Wobblies in good standing through February 2020 the option of waiving their dues for March and April. If a fellow worker in good standing has already paid their dues for March, then they have the option of waiving their dues for April and May.   

Here is the text of the motion:

WHEREAS COVID-19 has caused school closures, layoffs, cutbacks, and other events which will financially burden some Canadian Regional Organizing Committee (CanROC) members due to loss of paychecks, childcare costs, healthcare costs, and other unforeseen expenses,

WHEREAS these financial burdens fall heaviest on members whose jobs are the most precarious and whose livelihoods are most in danger,

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that CanROC shall allow delegates to provide an option for members in good standing through February 2020 who are temporarily unemployed or experiencing economic hardships due to COVID-19 to have their dues waived for March and April 2020,

AND BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that members who ask for a dues waiver but who have already paid dues for March may request either a refund or a waiver for April and May 2020,

AND BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED that the regional secretary shall send an email to all current members alerting them of the options available to them due to this motion, and a separate email to all CanROC branches and their active delegates instructing them to submit a report for members opting to take the waiver.

The regional secretary will be contacting branch delegates and secretaries as soon as possible concerning the steps to implement the motion. In the meantime, if you have questions, don’t hesitate to email the RS directly at