New Pamphlet of Canadian Labour Martyrs

Canadian Labour Martyr pamphletThey Died for You, by Vancouver Island branch members Larry Gambone and DJ Alperovitz, compiles in a 37-page pamphlet the stories of 24 workers who lived and died in  Canada during the struggle for their rights.

Their names are Frank Rogers, Thomas Belanger, Francois Theriault, Joseph Mairs, Albert ‘Ginger’ Goodwin, Mike Solokowski, Steve Schezerbanowicz, William Davis, Janne Voutilainen, Viljo Rosvall, Nick Nargan, Julian Gryshko, Peer Markunas, Mike Kyatick, Nick Schaack, David Lochart, William Gardner, Bill McDonald, Fernand Drouin, Irenee Fortier, Joseph Fortier, Michele Gauthier, Theodore LeBlanc, and John Stammers.

This pamphlet is a fitting way to remember and educate today’s working class about the sacrifices made and the gains won by our union movement.

Individual copies are $5 plus postage.

Order form.

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