Public Statement on Kingston IWW Misinformation

Canadian Regional Organizing Committee (CanROC) Public Statement on Kingston IWW Misinformation

Fellow Workers and Members of the Public,

This is a public statement to correct misinformation about the IWW in Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

There is no chartered Industrial Union, General Membership Branch or workplaces with an IWW shop card in Kingston. The Kingston Compassion Club Society (KCCS) is not an IWW shop, workers cooperative or Industrial Union. Similarly, the IWW does not endorse anarcho-syndicalism or the New Democratic Party as is claimed on various Kingston-based web and social media sites as per our longstanding policy of no alliances with political parties or anti-political groups.

In October and November 2011, the CANROC undertook an internal investigation of a complaint by Fellow Worker Laurie MacEachern against Fellow Worker Matt Thornton. On November 5, the branch ruled against FW Thornton on three complaints. It also found that there was insufficient evidence to prove the allegations of FW Thornton and the KCCS that plaintiff FW Laurie MacEachern had stolen $1000 for her own profit.

FW Thornton appealed this decision, but the CANROC branch representatives did not accept his appeal on the basis that he has not paid dues since April 2011 and is in inactive standing, that he is a delinquent delegate owing IWW members’ dues money and other funds to the IWW, and that his appeal did not meet the criteria set out in the IWW Bylaws. FW Thornton has refused to comply with these remedies and we are taking steps to ensure compliance and protect the reputation of the IWW in Kingston and online.

The following remedies take immediate effect:

1. Remove FW Matt Thornton as an IWW delegate and that he be ineligible for any officer position for 3 years. He shall turn over all reports, funds, delegate rigging, and IWW documents and supplies to the Canadian Regional Secretary-Treasurer.

2. FW Thornton shall be barred from the role of spokesperson, negotiator or representative for the IWW for 3 years.

3. FW Thornton shall hand passwords and control over all the Kingston IWW and KCCS media to the CANROC Regional Secretary-Treasurer and that all misinformation be corrected or removed from these sites.

4. The RST shall prepare a public statement to provide clarification about the IWW’s role in the KCCS and related events to be distributed to people who may have received misinformation.

While FW Thornton remains a member of the IWW, his status is as a delinquent delegate and inactive member. He has refused to turn over dues money he collected from our members. As a result, he has no voting rights at IWW meetings until he turns over all funds. He is also believed to have control over the IWW defense fund struck by the Kingston IWW members who worked at KCCS to raise funds for their legal defense. We urge donors to contact with information about your donation, so we can take steps to account for it and ensure the money is in good hands.

We urge members of the public to recognize that FW Matt Thornton does not speak for the IWW in Kingston, on the Internet or in any other place nor is he authorized to raise or hold funds for the union or any other IWW body.

The CANROC continues its efforts to work with IWW members in Kingston to build a democratic and accountable union. We hope that you will be a part of our effort to do so. We urge members to contact with information about your membership so we can return you to good standing.

If you have additional information or concerns, please contact with the information.

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  1. pmoore says:

    The 2012 referendum of all IWW members upheld the Ottawa-Outaouais GMB’s decision and overturned the IWW Convention decision.

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